This is about our Dr. Weissenberg.


Our mission:

Micronized Ultra Tech was first established in Richmond during 1986 by Dr. Weissenberg, C.E.O. From the beginning, his motto was clear: “innovation, excellence, and reliability”. As the leading manufacturer of vermiculite to the West Coast, we strive to satisfy all of our customers’ demands.

Background and experience:

 Dr. Weissenberg graduated Darmstadt Technological University in 1962. With a Doctorate in Chemistry and Engineering from the Department of Chemistry, Biology, Geology, and Mineralogy, he was ready to test the limits of innovation and success.

    For his doctoral dissertation he experimented with the chemical, Alkyl-Ammonium Amido sulfonates; their ion exchanging reactions, and their exfoliating properties. With a career in research and development as the principle scientist, Dr. Weissenberg settled in northern California to develop a company which could delivery top-quality vermiculite with the best exfoliation rate!


Innovation, excellence, and reliability:

At Micronized Ultra Tech, we understand that the world shortage of vermiculite should not affect any of our customers. That is why Dr. Weissenberg makes frequent visits to the Republic of China; he expects to ensure the delivery of our top-quality goods without interruptions. In Today's competitive market, we strive to offer both quality and affordability. Additionally, Dr. Weissenberg makes frequent courtesy visits across California, and the Western United States to make sure that ALL of your demands are met.