Ultra Tech Vermiculites innovative process removes any impurities and dust while attaining a uniformity of grade size. All of our vermiculite is OMRI listed and there is no asbestos detected in our products. For more information (link to technical info).

Available Vermiculite Grades


Large Grade – Our coarsest grade. Our screening process removes all fines. The large grade is used in both horticultural and industrial applications. This grade provides the most drainage and aeration, making it an ideal grade for growing grapes and truffles. A preferred grade for waste containment and packaging.


Medium Coarse – This is our horticultural grade. Our most popular product. The ideal grade for mixes, vegetable transplanting, hydroponics, and small area gardening. Our screening process removes all impurities allowing the vermiculite to properly facilitate in the root growth.


Fine Grade – Often used as a top dressing in seed germintion. Provides added water retention in both the mix and on top of the trays.


Super Fine – Preferred industrial and construction grade. Used in light weight concrete, swimming pool liners, and animal feeds. Also used in seed germination.


All of our products are available in 4 cu ft. bags, 55 and 62 cu ft. totes, and 12 qt. bags. We also provide custom packaging and custom blends. Please call for more information.

Ultra Tech Vermiculite, Minerals, Richmond, CA