Our Horticultural Vermiculite provides numerous benefits by improving moisture retention and facilitating root growth. These properties make it ideal for seed germination, root cuttings, and soil amending. The vermiculite provided by Ultra Tech Vermiculite is the most dust-free and highest quality on the market today.

Vermiculite has a high cation exchange which attracts and makes available nutrients to feed seeds and plants. Vermiculite will also help keep the soil from clogging together; much easier for the roots to weave their way through.

A valuable growing medium for small area gardening and hydroponics! A mix of 1/3 vermiculite 1/3 compost and 1/3 Peat Moss is an ideal blend for small area gardening. Additionally, a 50/50 mix of vermiculite and perlite is a popular medium for drip type hydroponic systems and ebb and flow systems. 

Perfect medium for germinating seeds. Fastest germination! Check out this YouTube video to see what the difference is when using perlite and vermiculite to germinate bean seeds.

For faster root growth and maximum yield combine vermiculite with other media such as natural soil, peat, organic compost, or bark. The mixture will hold moisture, retain air, and provide plant food with a minimal amount of water required.

Seed Germination: If used alone, add 1 tbsp. of soluble fiber per one gallon of water to the seedlings. Slower germinating seeds will require a 50/50 mix of vermiculite and peat or perlite.

Cuttings: A 50/50 mix of vermiculite and perlite or peat facilitates root growth and allows for maximum nutritional benefit. Water the vermiculite thoroughly and then insert the cuttings.

Soil Amending: Vermiculite helps lighten the soil while providing water retention. Mix 50% of volume to sandy soil. This will allow the circulation of proper air flow that is needed for optimum growth. Vermiculite may also be added to clay soil to increase drainage.

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