About us

At Ultra Tech Vermiculite, we strive to be reliable and innovative. We are flexible, and adjust our production schedule to meet your satisfaction. We understand the difficulty in anticipating your needs ahead of time; therefore, we are prepared and available to work with you so that your supply of vermiculite goes uninterrupted.

Frequent courtesy visits are made to customers to ensure that our quality surpasses your expectations. Whether you’re interested in solutions for improving your yield, require samples for experiments, or require a custom blend, we are here to provide you with the ultimate in customer service.

We provide logistical support to meet all of your transportation needs. Whether you need a truckload tomorrow, or one pallet next week, we stand by to provide you with exceptional service.

We remain competitive in our pricing while enforcing strict quality control guidelines. We continuously work on improving and modifying our equipment, and purchase the best quality raw ore available; this allows us to supply our customers with the highest quality vermiculite

About our Dr. Weissenberg

Dr. Ulrich WeissenbergDr. Weissenberg has become one of the true pioneers of vermiculite after receiving a Doctorate in Chemistry and Engineering from the Department of Chemistry, Biology, Geology, and Mineralogy at the Darmstadt Technological University in 1962.

For his doctoral dissertation he experimented with the chemical Alkyl-Ammonium Amido sulfonates; their ion exchanging reactions, and their exfoliating properties. He moved on to experiment with other types of exfoliating minerals, and became fascinated by the properties and processing techniques of Vermiculite

Dr. Ulrich WeissenbergAfter a career in research and development, as the principle scientist at DOW Chemicals, Dr. Weissenberg settled into northern California to develop Ultra Tech Vermiculite in 1985.

For over 30 years the innovative methods created by Dr. Weissenberg have provided the highest quality, and most ‘dust-free’ vermiculite available.

Ultra Tech Vermiculite, Minerals, Richmond, CA