Horticultural Grade Products      

          Located in the Industrial Corridor that is Richmond, California, Micronized Ultra Tech's, The Ultra Tech Product Line has been a leader in Organic, and Horticultural Vermiculite and Perlite products for 20 years. We are proud to say our customers routinely benefit from our competitive pricing, allowing them to use the Highest Quality Vermiculite available. Please call for volume pricing.


Commercial Grade Products

To meet the needs of a new millennia Ultra Tech's  Owner and Chief Executive, Dr. Ulrich Weissenberg has spent considerable time on special formulations of commercial grade flake products for non - consumable uses such as insulation, and paint products. Please call or email to schedule a return call from Dr. Weissenberg.



For Consultation about our special formulations 

email Dr Weissenberg@m-ultratech.com,     

Call (510) 234-7010, or fax a request to (510) 234-0129.